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Feature Details

  • RSS is PCI compliant

    Security & Piece of Mind

    Fully PCI compliant, certified with both PCI DSS and Visa PABP.

  • Point of Sale

    Process transactions quickly through an HTML-based touch screen interface.

  • RSS Back Office Management

    Back Office Management

    Full-featured item maintenance including movement analysis and ability to track profitability by category.

  • RSS Inventory Control

    Inventory Control

    Reliable inventory control capable of perpetual inventory tracking in select sub-departments.

  • Merchandising & Promotions Management

    Unparalleled sale and promotional options offering virtually unlimited combinations and offers.

  • Purchasing, DSD & Receiving Management

    Electronically order, receive and update inventory.

  • E-WIC Interfaces

    Provide a more streamlined POS transaction.


  • Loyalty Rewards

    Maintain customer profiles via integrated frequent shopper with detailed analytics, deliver electronic coupons during or after the transaction.

  • Digital Signage

    Create customizable point of purchase messaging, based on transaction details.

  • Integrated Payments

    Direct interfaces with First Data™, WorldPay™, Connected Payments™, including VeriShield®, TransArmor®, 3DES or RSA.

  • Accounts Receivable

    Manage customer account balances in real time, with shared accounts.

  • In-House Gift Cards

    Manage gift cards and voucher balances, including online redemption.

  • Labor Management

    Integrate labor costs into reporting with time management and scheduling.

  • Integrated Sign & Label Printing

    Print signs and labels via batch or within item maintenance, by aisle, by location.

  • E-Commerce & Phone App Engines

    Fully integrated with merchandising and loyalty.


  • Kiosk & Price Checker

    Verify price, customer points, balance and deliver promotions.

  • Fuel Integration

    Fully-integrated fuel module including pump management and cross marketing.

  • Mobile POS & Inventory Management

    Perfect for queue busting, inventory management, price verification or changes, in-aisle labels.

  • Physical Security

    Review transactions live or recorded from back office with full electronic journal search.

  • Warehouse Management

    Efficiently manage ordering and shipping processes.

  • Centralized Reports & Price Updates

    Deploy tighter control measures with less interaction by centralizing reporting and pricing.

  • Scale Integration

    Prevent pricing errors by simultaneously sending prices to POS and scales, plus pull scale production details.

  • Food Service Integration

    Run the same system in all concepts, plus cross market between concepts.